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Pegasi Smart Sleep Glasses
Pegasi Smart Sleep Glasses
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Manufacturer PEGASI

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★What Do The PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses do?
PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses expose portions of your eyes to intense but safe amounts of a very specific wavelength of blue light for about 20-24 minutes. Doing so daily suppresses your body's ability to produce melatonin for many hours.
The end result is that about 14-15 hours after the use of the PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses, you will feel extremely tired and your mind and body will send you signals that it is time for sleep. You will not need sleeping pills and will have a deep restful sleep.
This technique has been found to be 98% effective in people that use the PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses for at least 7 consecutive days.

★The symptoms of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (CRSD) include:
● Difficulty initiating sleep
● Difficulty maintaining sleep
● Non-restorative sleep
● Daytime sleepiness
● Poor concentration
● Impaired performance, including a decrease in cognitive skills
● Poor psychomotor coordination
● Headaches
● Gastrointestinal Distress

★When Should I Use The PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses?
●For people with the typical CRSD issues listed above, it is recommended that the glasses are worn in the mornings while working on other things.
●Typically it is best to do this sometime between 7:00AM and 9:00AM depending upon your individual sleep patterns.
●If you travel to a time zone that is very different, using the PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses at the normal time (e.g. sometime between 7:00AM and 9:00AM) within the new time zone will help your body to adjust very quickly to the new biological clock rhythms required in your new location.
●If you feel extremely tired in the afternoon, it may be caused by your body's production of melatonin and the use of the PEGASI Sleep Therapy Glasses will help to reduce this.

Binding Electronics
EAN 6970286920016
Feature The Pegasi Sleep Therapy Glasses actively work to improve the overall quality of your sleep in an effective, drug-free manner with only a few moments of use each day.,Users typically wear the glasses in the morning for only a short period of time (approximately 20 minutes) while doing their normal routine. The glasses are smart and connect to an APP that permits you to customize the therapy and optionally interact with other products intended to monitor your sleep patterns.,The technology behind the Pegasi Sleep Therapy System is based upon research conducted at Brown University and Johns Hopkins and is similar to systems in use aboard the International Space Station.,The Pegasi Sleep Therapy Glasses have been clinically proven to be 90-97% effective in relieving the symptoms of Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders (CRSD) and other common sleep issues including: difficulty in going to sleep; restlessness; difficulty in awakening or early awakening; or a lack of deep restorative sleep.,In addition to effectively helping with typical sleep issues in a drug free manner, the Pegasi Sleep Therapy Glasses can also help with the effects of Jet Lag or issues with afternoon sluggishness.
Manufacturer PEGASI
ManufacturerPartsWarrantyDescription Replacement parts or unit provided for manufacturing defects within the first year.
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Publisher PEGASI
Title Pegasi Smart Sleep Glasses


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